Towering water

At the heart of our famous, sustainable, ecological neighborhood EVA-Lanxmeer in Culemborg is the old water tower and the associated old pump house. These buildings are located in a water abstraction area but no longer have a function for water extraction. The water tower was designed by Visser & Smit Hanab and built in 1911 and the has a height of 35.00 meters and has a water reservoir of 200 m³. The tower and the associated pump casing, which is just as old, no longer have any function since the new pump installation was commissioned in 2005. Because the future of the 35 meter high “landmark” was uncertain, the Watertoren Culemborg Foundation was established in 2011 from the adjacent ecological district of Lanxmeer. Together with Vitens, they have searched for a new destination that matches the character of the water catchment area and Lanxmeer. Successfully! The plan of the Van der Veer family from Deil for residences, an office and a multifunctional space for the district ensures that the characteristic buildings on the Vitens site are preserved.

I was lucky enough to be invited for a visit and and to photograph this exclusive water tower today.

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